An English tradition is growing in the heart of the Tuscan countryside.

The blends of our organic herbal teas are entirely Made in Tuscany using exclusive ingredients such as those that are grown locally in our organic cultivations.

Royal Tea - Tuscany cultivations and strict controls
From Italian Cultivations

Tuscany cultivations and strict controls

Camomile, Fennel, Mallow, and many other ingredients are locally cultivated. Wild blueberries are manually harvested on the Apennines Mountains between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. Some other, such as Liquorice, Passionflower, Lemon Balm, are selected from Italian cultivations that guarantee the best quality and supply. Few other ingredients, like ginger, are imported from strictly selected organic cultivations we directly check and approve.

goodness from our nature

Organic Tuscan Tisana: short supply chain, safe quality gain

We personally know and follow the people and farms involved in officinal plants cultivations from who we receive the best organic ingredients for our tisane. Local growers who guarantee the best selection of plants grown in harmony with the nature. Developing the tastiest herbal teas and packing them into sustainable tea bags is the final act of a very scrupulous job that involves all our experience, passion and inspiration, which started from the seeds and arrives to your mug.

Royal Tea - Organic Tuscan Tisana: short supply chain, safe quality gain
Our Camomile

In the flower of Tuscany

Camomile comes only from our cultivations in Tuscany. Chamomile flowers are preferably harvested in the morning, when the sun is already high, and are immediately dried at low temperatures to preserve their taste. Camomile is available in two formats: tea-bags and soluble.
TuttoFiore contains all the parts of the flower that gives the infusion a superior and sweetest fragrance. The filter bags are made by a cellulose-based natural fibre, 100% plastic-free, to best preserve all the natural qualities of the camomile. The filter bags are also compostable. The soluble camomile is obtained combining the extract of these flowers with the other organic ingredients to form many small instantly soluble granules. The glass jar guarantees the best protection and hygiene. The jars come from an Italian supplier and are made in Germany. The caps are made in Italy under our specific licence.

Royal Tea - Camomile

Restore balance to the ecosystem we are part of

We have always believed that one of our main objectives must be to develop a strong connection with our territory in an economy that preserves and enhances the environment.

This is why we have decided to use locally grown ingredients for our organic herbal teas, and we buy tea from fair trade sources. We always prefer national and community suppliers.

We have chosen a completely natural fiber and 100% plastic-free filter paper for our sachets so that they are compostable (certified by CIC, the Italian Composting Consortium). We use aroma-saving envelopes that are recyclable with paper. We have chosen to remove plastic from our boxes using our “Zacchete” patented box, made by virgin cardboard from sustainable sources. We only use external cartons without adhesive tape for a better quality of the packaging to be recycled.

Our philosophy

Values that inspire us


Improve cultivation practices, improve storage and packaging methods. For us this means trying to always offer the best quality. Improving ourselves. All time


We are always looking for new formulas, new products and new solutions for the tastes of today and tomorrow.


Royal Tea is FSSC 22000 certified, which guarantees compliance with very strict standards in terms of food safety with protocols recognized throughout the world.Our certifications also include Organic, Faitrade and Compostability.


We have always believed that one of our main objectives must be to develop a strong connection with our territory in an economy that preserves and enhances the environment.


We have chosen to make our packaging increasingly sustainable and completely recyclable. Help us with waste recycling.


Our goal was to create a network of local producers who could provide us with the best ingredients for our blends.

Royal Tea since 1826
Our story

Royal Tea since 1826

The history started almost 2 centuries ago, when a prestigious English brand was established in the UK. The head office was in Wormwood Street in London, few steps away from Camomile Street Born as a tea seller, the original group became the biggest tea producer at the end of the 1800’s. The founder won the trust of the Royal Family by inventing a seal that guarantee the quality of the tea they packed. The group then spread around the World, including Luciana Pisa, in the flower of Tuscany – Italy.

At the beginning of the 90’s, the original group reduced investments abroad and cut the Italian branch Sergio Lenzi, after more than 20 years of experience with the group, decided to continue such a long tradition and founded Royal Tea together with his family. Today camomile that was in our destiny from the beginning is one of the main products, produced in our wonderful cultivations in Tuscany

In the heart of Tuscany

Art, Tradition and Nature

Tuscany is synonymous of Beauty and Nature, very famous in the World for its Art and tradition of Wellness. Millions of people come to Tuscany every year to immerge in this atmosphere.Now you can remember your experience or find the inspiration to dream your next holiday in our wonderful region from your home, relaxing with a tasteful tisane in your hands.

Etruscans, the ancient Tuscany population, they were masters in the production of infusions. Continuing this millenarian tradition Royal Tea develops Teas, Tisane and Infusions, taking advantage of the British influences as wel

Royal Tea - Art, Tradition and Nature
Coincidences and curiosity

Camomile Street

The head office of the English Group was few steps from a street named Camomile Street. Today Camomile is our main product with wonderful cultivations in Tuscany.

Our name, Royal Tea, comes from the partnership between the original British company and the Royal Family.

Royal Tea - Camomile Street

There is also a postcard depicting Enrico V holding a cup with the brand. The founder of the British group invented a seal to guarantee the content to be safe.

As Royal Tea, we do patented a box with a special seal to make easy to open and close a box without cellophane, avoiding plastics from our packs.

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